Shiny new iPad!

Yippee!!! I have decided that I am getting a shiny new iPad tomorrow, I have most of the money saved up, but I decided that I want to start the year off using it and learning how to use it in the classroom (especially since we now have to take attendance electronically every period – I teach middle school.) Rather than get it in another month or two from now when the entire first quarter is over with, it just makes more sense to get it now. 🙂 I might be up early enough to be at the store when they open.  I know crazy, but I’ve been contemplating it for a while now (and saving for it) and decided to just take the leap.

I posted on twitter asking what apps are out there that are really helpful to teachers and necessary to help the organizing and everything that we do, then I realized that since I am so new in the mathtwitterblogosphere no one knows me and I don’t have that many people following my twitter to even get my tweet. (But I do have some awesome followers, yeah!!!) I thought posting here would help too…but it’s also so I can post the apps that I find while doing internet searches late late into the evening tonight, so maybe they will help someone else in the same situation.

To be updated with apps as I find them…

3 thoughts on “Shiny new iPad!

  1. You will love having an iPad! I’ve had mine for two years now and I still use it everyday for work and reading math teacher blogs…

    Here are 4 “must-have” apps. I strongly recommend these 4 apps (or their equivalent.)

    Evernote: A lot of people swear by evernote. It seems to be on every single blogged list of “essential” apps. (I actually use something else I found before evernote became popular.)

    ShowMe: Let’s you write on the iPad and record your voice. You can post the video online. I’ve used it to record stuff when I’m absent. Here’s a link to my first ShowMe video

    Notetaker HD: You can take notes and display what you’re writing on a projector. You can send the pdf of the notes to a class blog or website.

    Algebra Touch: This app will make you wish each kid had an iPad. It gives you an equation and the kids can manipulate it by tapping and dragging different parts.

    These aren’t the most spectacular apps. But they are ones I go back to again and again.

    In addition…
    There are some amazing graphing calculators. But I would just go to for a free online graphing utility. There are also a lot of apps to help you manage your social media. What social networks do you use? What blogs do you want to follow? Do you have a feed reader? Some apps work better for different networks.

    I have not found a good, standalone app for grading or attendance. Most require an existing subscription to stuff like Blackboard which we don’t use. If you discover a good one could you blog about it?

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to write so much…

  2. What a great response! Thank you for your insight and time. I have heard a lot about Evernote and planned on that one for sure. I am interested in the ShowMe app that you mentioned (nice video by the way) and I will look into that one. I am still compiling my list (may take a few days, that darn teaching job will get in the way this week), but I will post soon! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • New blogger myself. Here’s a few thoughts:

      I use Noteshelf instead of Notetaker HD. I have no familiarity with the later, but I have found Noteshelf to be a tremendous improvement over the first note-taking app I tried, Penultimate. It would be nice if you could do a free week-long trial of each.

      I think Sand Timer is kind of cool, if you want to project a timer onto a screen for some activity or other.

      If you happen to do anything where geoboards would be handy, Geoboard is a fun app to have.

      And if you ever want to use proportions to find the height of a flagpole or tree or the gym, Clinometer HD is a must-have. And the kids will think it’s super-cool.

      As for Twitter, if you’re following @jreulbach, @samjshah, @Fouss, and @lmhenry9, you’ll get a lot of tweets to check out, and if you try to follow the people they tweet to you might eventually be party to an entire conversation. (Getting half of the conversation all the time can be crazy-making.)

      I’ll add you to the list of people I follow as well. See you in the MathTwitterBlogoSphere!

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