#MsSunFun: My Slightly over the top Sub folder

Sub plans…the bane of every teacher’s existance.  In most cases, I would rather drag my sick self through school than spend hours writing sub plans to find the sub wasn’t comfortable with math (even though they do SEE what subjects I teach before choosing the job), my students were naughty and half of what was supposed to be done was completed (usually due to the students being naughty). My school pushes us to not stop curriculum when we are out; they do not want us leaving busy work.  But they do require that we have a set of Emergency Plans in the main office…just in case. I still have not put my Emergency plans in the office.

To be honest, I am overly anal with my subs plans and the organization of the information & work provided to the sub. The main reason is that more often than not, the sub who picks up my absence is not comfortable with math and I teach Pre-Algebra and Algebra (& a section of US History).  OR no sub picks up my absence and they have to internal sub, which usually means a different teacher each period. Therefore, I find the more detailed I am the better chance things will get accomplished. I wish we could find good math subs! 

In the past few years the 8th grade have been naughty naughty students with their every day teachers and about ten times worse with subs.  We drafted a letter that parents and students sign at the start of the year in regards to sub behavior.  I won’t post it here, but if you want to see it, I will send the link. I also have a slip that I have needed to give to students AFTER a sub visit that requires them to write an apology to the sub and to write me a letter about what happened the day before.  After 13 years of teaching, I still do not understand why the students are so much more naughty when I am not there.  I rarely see the same behaviors they exibit for subs…I do not get it!

Here it is…my slightly over the top sub folder outline:

The best part about my sub folder is the actual folder I use to put it all together; it is an 8-pocket plastic wire bound folder purchased from Target years ago. I LOVE these folders! If you click on the picture, it will take you to Amazon, where I purchased them from once I started using them for everything since Target stopped selling them. I also use this same style folder for my tardies & classroom behavior and absence work; I even have some I haven’t used yet…I kind of hoard them. 🙂  I like them because the front cover of the folder has a pocket where a sheet has been inserted that clearly identifies the folder as my sub folder. The cover also contains the Regular and Wednesday bell schedules. And I love it because it is a VERY durable poly plastic cover and has enough inside folder pages so each class period gets it’s own folder page.

  • The interior 6 clear pockets are organized with one pocket for each period.
    • Each pocket contains:
      • seating chart with student pictures printed in color (visible in the pockets)
      • alphabetical class list
      • Substitute Attendance Form (we have to take electronic attendance each period, subs can’t do that so they have to send something to the office…I created this to make it easier)
      • Class behavior report
    • The pockets are labeled with peel and stick file labels. And I used my label maker to label the file labels with each period.
  • The first pocket contains the following: (listed on an index card taped to the pocket)
    • Welcome letter to the sub outlining expectations, attendance and behavior policys
    • Substitute teacher helpful information (bell schedules, teachers to go to, helpful students, copy machine directions, technology log-in information, smartboard directions, textbook locations, etc)
    • That day’s lesson plans with checkboxes, papercliped together
    • Overall report from the day form
    • Map of school, with my rooms highlighted (& cafeteria, office, library, computer labs & nearest bathrooms)
    • Building Evacuation procedure, with roster
    • Calvin & Hobbes Substitute teacher comics 🙂
    • Pre-Algebra/Algebra helpful reference sheet
    • 8th grade class requirements/policies
    • My math class syllabus
  • The last pocket contains the following: (listed on an index card taped to the pocket)
    • Extra pad of Hall Passes
    • Extra hallway & washroom passes
    • Tardy/Unprepared & Warning Passes
    • Detentions
    • Referrals
    • Hard lock down/soft lock down procedures

I place the folder on top of any papers/copies necessary for each class.  They are paperclipped together and labeled.  Subs have reported they love the folder and always have what they need.  Except when I change seating charts and forget to update the folder…it’s so hard to remember to do that!

Happy Sunday Funday!

3 thoughts on “#MsSunFun: My Slightly over the top Sub folder

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  2. The more I read your blog, the more I feel like we certainly must teach in the same building! Thank you soooo much for sharing your awesome ideas! I will be a faithful follower of your blog!

    • Awww, thank you for that! I’ve been a blog lurker for years, it was daunting to start my own, but it was a goal of mine. And the Mathtwitterblogosphere helped too! I have added your blog to my reader too, I love bouncing ideas off other teachers. Thanks for following!

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