Sweet Tweets

Earlier this year Rachel Kernodle (@rdkpickle & http://sonatamathematique.wordpress.com/) started a collective author blog titled One Good Thing and invited anyone to join in and write their one good thing for each day.  I have written a few times, but wanted to point you to my one good thing a few weeks ago because it has to do with sharing the *Love* around Valentine’s Day.  Check it out here: http://onegoodthingteach.wordpress.com/?p=1869

I started this post that same day, but never got around to finishing this one.

Because my Advisory class gets along so well, I thought it would be fun to have a Valentine’s Day party. Another teacher on my team suggested it and I thought “Why Not?”.  We talked about having the students write nice things to each other and I shared that they enjoyed writing Tweets when we do it in math, so we came up with our Sweet Tweet idea.

Students would be given a class list of who is in their Advisory and they needed to write one Sweet Tweet for each person. Everyone loves a well-deserved compliment and this was a different take on “Valentines” that will hopefully help spark new friendships and help build class unity. We encouraged students to really think about someone’s strengths. They would be passed out during the Valentine’s party, but would be due to me the day before so I could easily compile them for the students & paperclip them together.  (This didn’t end up happening as we ran out of time, but it worked fine having the students given them to each other.) Here is the file that we used for the tweets!

Even my 8th grade students were excited to read their “Valentine’s” and you could hear a pin drop as they read them. A student from the other teacher’s class mentioned he was surprised that someone wrote down they thought he was smart, but was beaming from ear to ear when he read the tweet.  THAT is what this was all about, reminding students that they are awesome and special and people look up to them. I will be doing this again next year!

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