Geometry – Looking at it from the right angle

Ha ha ha.  I crack myself up.  I love the title of this post.  🙂

Last week we found out our teams for next year (I teach in a middle school) and there were a lot of changes.  This is my 13th year of teaching with the last 11 of them being 8th grade Algebra and Pre-Algebra. I found out that I am moving to teach 8th grade Geometry.   I LOVE Algebra and I am very sad I will not be teaching it next year. (yes, yes I know there is Algebra in Geometry) The Geometry students are the best of the best; they are two years ahead in math and while I am excited for the change now, my initial reaction was not the most positive.  I did not like Geometry in high school, though I did enjoy it more in college…it was always something that I wasn’t too keen on and I struggled with it.  I do think that will help as I am learning to teach Geometry; I want to strive to make it meaningful to my students so they do not have the same opinion of it that I did.  My district is rewriting the curriculum this summer to become Common Core and I won’t get it until the institute day in August.  THAT freaks me out because I do not know anything about pacing or why certain topics have to come before others.  My Type-A personality wants more information.  So I turned to my Twitter peeps to ask for helpful resources.  I received a fantastic amount of responses and can’t wait to check them out!


I wanted to put together a blog post to document what was shared in case it would assist other teachers.  But in reality I am just blogging about it so I can have all of the links in one spot. 🙂

*Remember these are all just suggestions from the MathTwitterBlogosphere as well as my own findings and additions. And they will be updated as I find more! (Let me know if you have items to add!)

Twitter People (& their blogs) to Follow
Kate Nowak (@k8nowak) –
Tina C. (@crstn85) –
Nat Banting (@NatBanting) –
Soph Germain (@sophgermain) –
David Peterson (@calcdave) –
Marsha Foshee (@MarshaFoshee) –
Mike Mathews (@mwmathews) –
Elissa Miller (@misscalcul8) –
Elizabeth (@cheesemonkeyst) –
Fawn Nguyen (@fawnpnguyen) –

Book Resources
John A. Van De Walle (a la @pamjwilson)
Discovering Geometry by Michael Serra  (a la @pamjwilson & @zidaya & @Martianson)
Measurement by Paul Lockhart   (a la @j_lanier)
Symmetry, Shape and Space (@mathhombre & ‏@zidaya)
Geometry – Seeing, Doing, Understanding by Harold Jacobs  (@zidaya & @JJJsally)
CME Project Textbook  (a la @ ‏mathhombre)

Web/Curriculum Resources
Art of Problem Solving  (a la @j_lanier)  (a la @j_lanier)
Geometry Inquiry Based Curriculum Map
Geometry CCSS PrBL Curriculum Map
Dropbox filled with project ideas
A take on CCSS Geometry pacing
Dan Meyer’s Three-Act Math Tasks
Andrew Stadel 3-Act Math Tasks
Nathan Kraft’s 3-Act Math Tasks
Virtual Filing Cabinet (scroll down to get to Geometry) (@sandramiller_tx)
Virtual Filing Cabinet (scroll down to get to Geometry) (@samjshah)
Virtual Filing Cabinet (@nathankraft1)
Re-thinking Geometry Wiki (a la (@crstn85)

Technology Resources
Geometer’s Sketchpad

Hands-on Resources
Patty Paper & Patty Paper Geometry by Michael Serra (a la @zidaya & @Martianson)
Geometry INB Ideas & foldables

Looking at all of the resources that are online, I am getting more and more excited to work with these special group of students next year.  And I hope to be able to contribute to all of the fantastic resources listed above!

My HUGE goal is to use ISN’s next year with both my Geometry classes and my US History classes.  This was my first year using them in Algebra and 8th CCSS and I loved them.  I can’t see myself going back, but it will be a struggle trying to stay ahead of the game enough to know what I want to go in the ISN! 🙂  But I am never one to walk away from a challenge, so bring on 2013-2014!

9 thoughts on “Geometry – Looking at it from the right angle

    • Woo Hoo!! Thank you for that suggestion!! This year was my first using ISN’s and I can’t imagine not using them next year, even though I am unsure what they will look like in Geometry. This will definitely help!!

  1. Geometry is my FAVORITE thing to teach! Love it 🙂 I’m excited for you 🙂
    Our curriculum is integrated, so I just to a little bit each year. No class that just geometry.

    • Thanks!! I am getting excited too, even though Algebra is my favorite thing to teach. My district decided not to go the Common Core integrated route, which is why we still have “normal” class names. I am sure most of my summer will be spent organizing and planning for Geometry!

  2. I’m a fifth year teacher and I’ve always taught the highest classes in my school, the kids that are two years ahead by 8th grade. For my first three years, their progression was Pre-Algebra in 6th, Algebra in 7th, and Geometry in 8th. In the past two years, we’ve turned 8th grade into CC Algebra I (because it’s way more rigorous than our state’s version of Algebra I). I sorely miss teaching Geometry even though I didn’t like it as a student. It lends itself to so many interesting activities and less drill than Algebra does. I loved how easy it was to do hands-on things with Geometry. Good luck and thanks for your comment on my blog! You asked what vocabulary we’ll define in 8th grade. I took the list straight out of the CCSS docs. I’ll update the post with it shortly.

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