Procrastination is the key to Inspiration

…At least that’s what I tell myself! 🙂 

I had a very LONG list of things I was supposed to get accomplished this weekend, the largest one being cleaning.  I was definitely inspired…to do anything BUT clean!

What did I actually get done?
*Joining the #CCSSdraft and preparing to write the coolest lesson ever
*Blog post about confidence in math
*Cleaned the pantry
*Played with the dogs & taught one of them a new trick
*Started working on designing/putting together my plan book for next year
*Created my Geometry CCSS Flipbook for next year (I only printed the Geometry standards, two to a page & back to back)
*Took a nap (or two)
*Watched the movie Flight
*Caught up on my G-reader in Newsify & downloaded Feedly (but didn’t move stuff yet)
*Discussed quite a few things on Twitter
*Started pulling together graphics, fonts & design elements for my new blog design (I am tired of the wordpress themes…any helpful suggestions?)
*Worked on a Quadratic Stations review for Algebra tomorrow (it’s not done yet, when it is…I will post it!)
*Created a sign for my students to excite them about the end of the year (not sure they need any additional excitement though)

hmmm…I guess I did get quite a few things done.  Too bad none of them involved my house becoming shiny and clean!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Procrastination is the key to Inspiration

  1. what are you going to do with your ccss flipbook? Do the students keep it up? It’s still loading, haven’t seen it yet.

    • It’s the one another district put together. They have them for each grade level. It’s for Ts & is VERY helpful with planning. It’s just that they had one for all high school standards and I only needed Geometry. I made one for 8th grade at start of year, colored coded each standard a different color, bound with rings and all that fun stuff. I’ll take a picture tomorrow and upload it.

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