My Summer To Do List

Phew! What a whirlwind the end of the school year was! I’ve been out just about two weeks now and already it feels like it has been months…I love that feeling!

I wanted to document my summer to do list to help me accomplish more of the things on it.  Sadly, due to changing the classes I am teaching and a few other things, I will be doing a lot of work this summer! No summer off for this teacher! (Does any teacher ever really have the summer off?) 🙂

Books To Read

  • Making Thinking Visible  – started, just need to finish
  • Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess – somehow I missed joining the Twitter discussion about this, but I am looking forward to reading it!
  • Embedded Formative Assessment byDylan Wiliam
  • Measurement by Lockhart
  • There were a few other titles flying around the blogs and twitter, but I can’t remember them, so this is my list!

Curriculum to work on

  • Geometry – I need to look at the new Geometry Common Core Curriculum that my district put together and see how it lays out in the year. Geometry is brand new to me and because I will be teaching gifted students (2 years advanced in math), I am thinking the classes should be more like an Honors course, rather than the regular curriculum.  I want to go more in depth, more discussions, more discourse, more debates.  I want to find resources to add to my lessons, things like 3 Acts, Algebra Review Warm-ups, Estimation, Cooperative Learning, etc.  I want this class to be challenging, interesting and fun and I feel the more I can find and prepare now the better off I will be.
  • US History – I get to teach 2 sections next year, which I am fine with (I’ve been teaching one section for the past 11 years). But I’ve wanted to change a few things for a while…shorten the Colonies Unit maybe with a project (We start with Colonies and go through present day.), which gives more time for WWI or WWII.  I want to figure out how to incorporate Current events better…I’ve tried and failed miserably in the past.  I want to incorporate cooperative learning activities, debates and interesting/fun projects, etc.  We do sort of plan history as a grade level and as a team, but we all still do our own thing.
  • Advisory – Advisory is going to be different this year since it is at the beginning of the day instead of in the middle of core time.  I want to loosely lay out a few of the units we have done as a grade level in the past and weave in a few other things.

Classroom things to work on
I have a new room next year too and we share rooms, so I want to figure out how to organize all my stuff.

  • Go through my MOUNDS of stuff and PURGE! I know I have things I can get rid of…I just need to do it. Why is this so hard for teachers to do?
  • Update some of my signs and stuff to say Geometry and not Algebra

Interactive Notebooks
I started last year and can’t imagine not using them in Geometry. I just need to find resources! I need to get as far ahead of myself as I can.

  • Find or create foldables for Geometry topics
  • Left Side ideas – I STUNK with this last year, improvement is necessary.
  • Vocabulary – going to create a glossary in the back of the ISN using Frayer models folded in half. I think we can fit 6 per page. This means I need to know AHEAD of time how many vocab words we will have. **Need to create/find a list of Geometry terms
  • US History ISN foldables and resources…I kind of want to do them in History too, just not sure this will make it off the to do list.

Standards Based Grading
I have done this for 4 years now and I believe in it. I am nervous and scared to figure out how to apply this to Geometry in my first year teaching it.  I do not know anything about pacing of curriculum or levels of questions, etc.

  • Find SBG Geometry resources online
  • Look at district teacher’s chapter/unit tests from previous years
  • I want to use the Common Core standards when labeling skills/standards, so I need to figure that out.

Dang.  I thought my list was long, but didn’t realize just how long until I typed it all out.  It feels really ambitious right now, but it all has to get done at some point…I have more time this summer than I will when school starts.

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “My Summer To Do List

  1. Love your list. It’s an awful lot like mine. I’ve used ISNs for 5+ years. What kinds of left side ideas are you looking for? I teach a few basic, fall back reflections to students at the beginning of the year and then turn over the job of choosing a reflection to them. Some of the things that I use that work well are: 30 word summaries, bubble maps, drawings, and matrices. Here’s a link to some more examples and ideas:

    • Ohhh…Those are great ideas!! Thank you for the link, I can’t wait to check it out! To be honest, we did more of our warm-ups and class work on the left side and covered that up with flaps of our homework. I am not proud of that, but the students did like that they had a lot of examples for the skills on those pages. I do want to get that side to be more reflective though; I just wonder if that is more difficult to do in math than science or history? Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

  2. I have one goal page for each chapter for all reflections. We tab it with a post it and go back to it almost every day. They choose a behavior goal at the beginning of the unit and reflect on it at the end. This year I added a list of learning targets to that page. Students rated themselves on a one to five scale at the beginning and middle of each unit. At the end, I had them rate out of six to show growth. When they turn in spirals, I have them open to the goal page. That is the stuff I want to read and this way it’s all in one place.

    Great list! In hoping for a new job, so I’m putting off making the detailed list… Thanks for giving me things to think about.

    • Ohhh…I like the goal page idea! It sounds like it would be perfect for the ISN! Do you have an example of what it looks like? I would love to see it.

      What kind of job are you looking for? I was hoping for a new job this year too, but didn’t get it. Writing my list helped me start focusing on next year and not where I had hoped to be.

      Thanks for visiting and for commenting!

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