Inaugural #geomchat trended No. 1 on Twitter!

Wow! The very first #geomchat happened tonight at 9 EST/8 CST and we trended #1 on Twitter!  I was SO very nervous that it would all work out okay and that people would show up; especially considering I just participated in my first Twitter chat last Friday (Go #efamath!) and I was moderating for my first time tonight. Way to jump in with both feet I guess!

BOS4fW4CEAE_WWd.jpg large

@barbarawmadden & I are the moderators and she did a great job shouting out on Twitter announcing the chat. Between the two of us we tried reaching out to as many Geometry teachers we could and tried to get information out there about the chat.  Our topic tonight was Transitioning to CCSS and our six questions were based around the transition that districts and teachers are going through.

I am much more excited to be teaching Geometry this year now that this chat exists and there are so many people and ideas floating around out there!

Back in April, when I found out about teaching Geometry, I started a wordpress blog CCSS Geometry, but never did anything with it.  Well guess what? It is now the home of #geomchat and any and all resources that we want to share! It is pretty bare bones right now, since I just worked on it tonight after the chat, but I promise it will look better in the coming weeks.  Please let me know what I should add and if you have suggestions!

Here is the link to the blog:

Please add it to whatever reader you are using and share with other Geometry teachers!

Thanks to all for your support and to those who joined in #geomchat this week! I am excited to continue our chat next week, July 10th at 9 EST/8 CST and the topic will be Constructions!


2 thoughts on “Inaugural #geomchat trended No. 1 on Twitter!

  1. Way to go Jessica!
    I’ll have to drop in to a #geomchat soon. Great job initiating this and I wish you both the best. Thanks for making this happen for all of us Geometry teachers.

  2. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. This is an award given to bloggers who might not have a large number of followers, but who deserve recognition for sharing their ideas and inspiring other people. I just received the award myself, and you may visit my blog to see what receiving this award means and how you should pass it forward! Congrats!

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