#Made4Math: Weekly Warm-up Sheet


I know I’ve been quiet and haven’t blogged since school started. I have quite a few blog posts in draft form, but haven’t gotten around to finishing them. This week…promise! I was able to squeeze this one out because I needed this sheet for my classes this week. Just know that the year has started very well and I am loving my classes and students!

#1 – I always start doing warm-ups at the beginning of each year totally gung ho and then by the middle of the year they are non-existent.  It just seems to be something that is hard to keep up with preparing & stressing to students to get started when they come in, yadda yadda.  I have about 43 minutes in class, so taking 5 minutes to do a warm-up is about all I can give, but that will allow me to take attendance and do other house keeping things during that time.

#2 – Since we use ISN’s, I was struggling to figure out where to even put the warm-up problems.  I originally wanted to incorporate a page or section for them, but realized that wouldn’t work. I thought about creating a pocket to hold them, but there’s no way it would hold an entire quarter’s worth of paper. I knew I wanted a weekly sheet, but didn’t know what I was going to do with it.

I emailed my thoughts and questions to @msrubinteach (http://everybodyisageniusblog.blogspot.com), who was great enough to respond with a few thoughts of her own.  One of which I am running with…they hold onto the currently weekly sheet, but after I give back the one from the previous week, they will keep it in their Skill Folder (Portfolio).  DUH…why couldn’t I think of that?  But this is what I LOVE about the MTBoS, being on Twitter and blogging…I have made connections that allow me to get another set of eyes or another opinion on something I am trying to work out. And they are honest and helpful opinions that help me and in turn benefit my students. Anyways…then at the end of the quarter, we pull together all skill quizzes, checklist and warm-up sheets and staple them together. This keeps everything together for the quarter and provides them with a great study guide and practice for the semester final.

I plan to collect them each Friday, BUT they are NOT a grade. I will collect them to check a few things and make sure they are on the right track, but most importantly I will collect them to read their weekly reflection and to write feedback to them on something from that week.

First, the original form layout came from @kklaster (http://nolearninglimits.blogspot.com/2012/07/made4math-stamp-sheets.html). She shared parts of it during our Embedded Formative Assessment book chat (#efamath) this summer and I knew I wanted to incorporate the Weekly Reflection piece. I thought using the shapes reflection in Geometry would be a fun touch. I also modified her form so it was double sided for one week, instead of single sided.

Then I worked to set up my days. I had this discussion with @MrVaudrey (http://mrvaudrey.com/) at the start of August. He tweeted out his weekly warm-up thoughts and I liked his wording of Get the Goof and have borrowed it.

Mental Monday – Using Estimation180.com a la @mr_stadel
Tough Patterns Tuesday – Using visualpatterns.org a la @fawnpnguyen
What We’ve Been Doing Wednesday – Geometry problem relative to what we are currently learning
Get the Goof Thursday – Error Analysis questions covering both Algebra & Geometry topics
Flashback Friday – Algebra review
Weekly Reflection – Completed on Friday

I also incorporate music cues into my classroom and have enjoyed @MrVaudrey’s blog posts about his class routine and music cues. I use music to keep us on time and as a cue to the student to start or end something; I really enjoy not talking  as much and not directing as much. I am shooting for 5 minutes for the warm-up from start to finish, but we will see how it goes.  I am going to test it out this week and get an average time to then set up my music cues for our warm-ups.

When putting together the warm-up sheet, I used aspects of the Estimation180.com handout, visualpatterns.org handout and a part of an older 3 Acts handout.

The problems will be projected at the front of the room. I usually project the daily agenda, so I am going to have to modify the plan somehow. Either write the agenda on the whiteboard or split the agenda and the problem on one screen. Any suggestions?

I will start this week, we will see how it goes!



21 thoughts on “#Made4Math: Weekly Warm-up Sheet

  1. Classy, sharp, elegant, and nicely formatted. Love it, Jess.
    Due to our new curriculum, we’ve been doing exclusively Get the Goof problems and sharing our findings with the class. I’ve found that I need to daily remind students to use the word “because” in their answer. You may want to add that to Thursday.
    Do you have a music cue laid out for the 5-minute Warm Up?

    • Thanks,glad you like it! Good idea for get the goof…their lack of explanation and detail in regards to math is pretty surprising. I plan to do some writing on Wed and Fri as well. What problems are you using for goof?

      I have not yet set up music cues for 5 min as I want to see how long it takes this week & need to model it for them too.

  2. I also have a 43 minute period to work with. I struggle with how to get it all in (check HW, new material, some sort of exit activity) so I have not done warmups consistently. Curious about how it will go.

    • I am working to remove HW checking from the mix. We use mathxl which is for online HW,but I tend to provide HW with answers when I can. I am also flipping my class, so they watch short lesson at home and do all practice with me in class next day. I think students tend to respond better with specific routines…we will see. 🙂 thanks for reading and commenting!

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  4. I think this is brilliant – especially Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The only trouble is with Estimation 180 is that so many of them build off of one another. Perhaps doing more than one at a time and spending 7 minutes instead of 5 would solve the issue.

    • I completely agree about the Estimation activities…I have noticed they enjoy them a lot, but doing them only once a week doesn’t build the same way as every day or so. Maybe doing more than one would work…I am going to think about how to change that for 2nd quarter. Thanks!

  5. I know what you mean about starting off gung-ho with the warm ups….then they disappear. I’m going to really try this year too-I may “borrow” parts of your sheet! Do you ever do any of Marcy Cooks stuff? I’m doing her Mental Math using the 100’s chart tomorrow. Thanks for all your interesting blogs!

    • I’m going to try to keep it up. My hope is the students will like it enough to want to do them. 🙂 I do have old school Marcy Cook stuff, I think, like done by hand type books. I need to look through my resources more! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. This is SO great!! I hope you don’t mind if I borrow and adapt; I am trying to do a similar routine with my Do Nows, and I love how the warm-up sheet shows the weekly progression to the students. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

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