Explore the MTBoS Mission #2

Continuing in the MTBoS Missions…Mission #2 was all about Twitter.  (I am trying to catch up on the blog posts I should have been writing & promised people I would write, sorry for blowing up your reader.) Here is my Mission #2 reflection prompt:

  • If you’re an experienced Twitter user, describe and reflect upon how you tend to use it.

I wouldn’t say I am experienced, I still think I am pretty new to the Twitter world, but I can’t imagine my educational life without it.  I joined last year during the Math Blogger Initiation because I figured when I started my blog, I might as well start Twitter too.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  IT IS FLIPPING AMAZING!!!! It’s my own personal PLN that I can call on at any hour of the day or night and get a response.  It is (now) a mix of people that I have met in person at #TMC13, people I have met during other math conferences, people I have yet to meet and people I secretly stalk.  It is funny, challenging and awesome at all hours of the day.  It is where I start my Google search for a new activity or lesson and where I go when I need suggestions on my own activity or lesson.  It is a group of people that keep growing, creating and sharing together.

I am finding it even more useful this year because there is no one else in my building that teaches Geometry, so I don’t have people I can ask in my office.  I find I am leaning on my Twitter PLN to answer my questions or help me make sense of things shared with me that I don’t quite agree with. (Old school grading mentality from HS teachers)  We have made foldables together (@msrubinteach), we have shared skill lists (@MTchirps), we have presented together (@borschtwithanna), we have shared music routines (@mrvaudrey), we have laughed about the non-stickiness of post-its (@chrisrime) and many others that I am sure I am forgetting to mention.

Twitter is my news, my TV, my drama and my entertainment for the day. Sometimes it’s silly and funny and other times it’s thought provoking and opinionated, but either way it keeps me on my toes and always wanting to learn more, to be better and to continue to challenge myself to be the best I can be. If you haven’t joined or are on the fence about joining…DO IT!! Find educational hashtags to follow and just watch what happens.  You will be amazed and find that you want to jump in.

Twitter is my online PLN and my daily, weekly, monthly math conference. I have learned more since I started lurking and just reading blogs (since sometime in 2007) and then starting my own and jumping on twitter than I have in any of the time prior to that. My educational landscape has changed for the better because of my involvement on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Explore the MTBoS Mission #2

  1. I just followed you on Twitter! I am new and I would say that what you experience re: ideas and collaboration is definitely one of my goals for Twitter. What would you say is the biggest difference in what you take away from Twitter vs blogs?

  2. I wholeheartedly agree–the best professional development I have ever had was starting to read blogs this summer and being part of Jo Boaler’s free online course “How to Teach Math”. I changed the way I teach dramatically after reading some blogs this summer and now I need the online support to keep going, because I am the only one in my building to try all of the new things I am trying. I look forward to making some Twitter friends, but worry about how much time it might take. Online stuff is so time-consuming.

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