Day 1 – New Experiences

Today marked the start of my 15th year of teaching and the first day in my teaching career where I didn’t have any students to welcome.  You may remember my job change in the spring to be a Math Specialist at one of the middle schools in my district.  (This is also called a Math Interventionist in my district.)  So because of the new position, I do not directly work on just one team teaching math like my previous 14 years.  I will be working with all of the math teachers and students at 6th, 7th and 8th grades in my building.  My main goal is to help math teachers identify students who are below grade level and either provide interventions through a pull out or by pushing into the classroom (in more of a co-teaching model).  I absolutely LOVE all of the math teachers at my school; I have worked with many of them through the years on various different committees, so that brings comfort to my new situation.

I will also teach one section of 6th Grade CC Math because they like the classes in 6th grade to have a lower teacher: student ratio, which I think is a great idea.  I will have 16 students in that class, but because we follow the middle school model, they will be staying on their team for 6th grade things for the first two days of school.  I get to meet them on Thursday!

I went to my 7th and 8th grade co-taught classes today to introduce myself quickly, but again they were doing a lot of welcome back to school stuff that wasn’t math related. So I hung out in my room (aka The MALL – Mathematics Assistance & Learning Lab) and hung posters on the VERY bare walls. My room is really the math computer lab, so you will see 29 computers in my pictures. I have tables in the middle of the room for my 6th grade class though.

Since I am BIG on the Math Practices and I had  a lot of wall to cover, I decided to make my Math Practices fit most of the wall. I created the Good Mathematicians header in powerpoint and found a legible large font (Janda Curly Girl) and fit it to the slides, printed on cardstock and laminated it. I had the large Math Practices posters already and I used Sarah Rubin’s Kid Friendly MP bubbles (colored coded to match the posters) and created the numbers to label the practices.  Thanks to @mathequalslove, @msrubinteach & @algebrasfriend for their helpful links and suggestions!  I love how it turned out!

photo 1 photo 2

One thought on “Day 1 – New Experiences

  1. I wish you well this year on your new journey. I too felt that emptiness of the first day and no kids. I’m working on getting into classrooms, now that our teachers have had time to get to know their kids and get routines down. I keep telling myself I have 8000 kids instead of 180 this year. Enjoy the ride.

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