Day 2 – The walls

This is what I saw when I entered my classroom this morning:

photo 3

Four and a half Math Practice posters fell down in addition to a bubble and a number. I was more than annoyed.  I even used expensive Command Strips because they worked well in previous years. It should be noted that they changed from flat paint to semi-gloss or eggshell so nothing sticks to the walls, which meant I had a piece of sandpaper and sanded the shine off the walls in each place I planned to use a command strip.  Still didn’t work.  I cleaned up the posters before I headed to my 7th grade co-taught class.

Today in 7th grade it was going over the rules and expectations of the class  I agree that the rules are important, but I like starting off with something mathy that gets students talking and working together.  I feel like you can address the rules as needed; however that is my style and it not everyone’s style of teaching.  After hanging out and helping out in that class, I went to my office and complained about my posters and someone suggested hot glue and even provided me with their glue gun! Downstairs I went, plugged it in and worked on my table signs. I took the table signs from one of my favorite sites, Technology Rocks Seriously, and turned them into circles to sit in the center of the fans.

photo 4

I also worked on the three bulletin boards on the other side of the room while it heated up.  The middle bulletin board is going to be Sarah Hagan’s Growth Mindset posters. Still clueless on the other two…

photo 5

In my 8th grade co-taught class, we had an activity where the students worked in their groups to come up with some BYOT rules.  They needed to illustrate the rule and explain it.  Then we switched papers between groups so they could see what others said, we had a class discussion and came to a consensus on the rules.  It was fun and interesting to see the student dynamics in that class.

After two days of working in my room, with no students of my own, no papers to prepare, no planning to be done, I have to say I was a little sad. It is such a change from what I know and have done.  It’s such a change from everything that I feel identifies me, but I know this is something that is going to challenge me, change me and allow me to grow as an educator and I can’t wait to get started!

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