Working hard or hardly working?

Yesterday was Monday and that means I have a week until the 2017-2018 school year starts.  I spent from 9:00am to 7:00pm in my classroom yesterday and I feel like I don’t have much to show for it. I’m in the mode where I have a ton to do, but I can’t get started on any of it. It’s crunch time!

I had to unpack the three boxes I packed up at the end of the year when I switched rooms. It was stuff from my desk or the cabinet, so that meant unpacking and organizing the drawers and cabinet shelves. I got SUPER excited because I found my calculator caddy…which will take up some board space, but will be VERY worth it.  I don’t have a class set of calculators, about half (I think I have 1-2 at home somewhere)…but I look for them any time I am at the thrift shop.


I unpacked markers, highlighters & more and organized everything in the tall cabinet. I moved the shelves in that cabinet more times than I care to mention…I kept rearranging where I wanted things, which changed the size of the shelves.  I do like the way it is now, though I didn’t take a picture yet.

I moved the furniture around to start figuring out how my flexible seating will work best.  There are about 10 desks that I would like removed from my room, but storage space in the building is in short supply, so we will see what ends up happening.  It’s kinda of surprising to me that I seem to have MORE space in the room even though I have MORE seating options than students.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet because I am still in flux, but I got excited today thinking of which seating options would work best in the different areas of my room.  I have a cafe pub height table and four chairs that are en-route, hoping to arrive before the first day.

I guess I feel like I didn’t get much done because it was mostly organizing drawers and the cabinet, things that aren’t visible. And while I did start moving furniture around the room is still in a very messy state.  So to complete something visual, I decided to put together the bulletin board for outside my classroom. I saw the picture and post from Amy on Instagram and grabbed her editable blank template freebie to create my own. But then Jac (@jacrichardson) stepped in and helped with that because she was looking for something similar and needed it before it was a win win for both of us! I LOVE the way it came out and hope to reference them throughout the year (though I do plan to change the board out). The background is wrapping paper from Tuesday Morning that is more like a vinyl/plastic because it can be colored in.


Today I got my back to school hair cut and spent the day organizing my desk at home, doing laundry and cleaning the house.  Not the most fun, but it had to be done. Tomorrow will be another day at school with the afternoon spent with the new middle school math teachers in our district, I think there are four.  I will do a post about what we go over tomorrow!

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