I love teaching and I love teaching math. My whole life I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything but teaching. The connections I have made throughout my career with other teachers at my schools have created amazing friendships that helped me bridge going from college to my first job, from my first school to a new district and from one school to another. All of those teachers who have become great friends have shaped who I am as a teacher. I can tell you that since March, I miss those connections…seeing the people I work with on a daily basis and talking about whatever was on our minds, or whatever we needed to deal with.

What I never expected as a teacher was that I would have a whole other amazing group of math teacher friends through social media. I first met them all through their blog posts, then Twitter and now even Facebook. We even used to get together in the summers at Twitter Math Camp, organized by teachers, for teachers. We use the hashtag #MTBoS on Twitter. The stress of this crazy time has taken its toll on me and all the teachers I know. Shelli (@druinok)and I missed seeing the faces and collaborating with all of these amazing math teachers and about two weeks ago put in motion a plan to create a day for teachers to collaborate virtually. We even told ourselves if no one showed up, we could at least collaborate together.  🙂

Today was the first #MathTeachCollab day…a full day from 8-5pm CST on Zoom with discussion topics chosen by those attending during the last week or so. You can see the details below. We had over 140 sign up and throughout the day always had over 50 participating, sharing and collaborating with each other. People were able to come and go as they pleased, check out the sessions that interested them and provide ideas and thoughts when they wanted.

Shelli said it best when she said “We want it to be like a Twitter chat, but with faces.” We wanted it to be organic, open sharing so we could hear as many voices as wanted to participate. It turned out even better than I imagined and believe me, when I couldn’t sleep last night because of excitement and nerves, I considered ALL bad scenarios that could happen.

So THANK YOU to all those Twitter (& now fb) math teacher friends that joined us in this idea and made it flow so easily, shared so many great ideas and made the day amazing. I have excitement about the school year now, when before I was dragging my feet and avoiding thinking about planning and how to teach remotely and there are so many ideas…I can’t wait to check them all out.

Check out the collaboration doc from today. 

Join us on Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 10:00-11:00AM CST for another #MathTeachCollab! (Topic TBD)

Math Teacher Collab Day

This August, I’m participating in a monthly blog challenge called Blaugust. To see the participating blogs, check the hashtag on Twitter. Please cheer on our participants with either a tweet or a comment on their blog. It can be hard to blog on a daily (or even regular) schedule! 🙂

If you want to join in the blogging fun, it’s not too late!  Go HERE to check out  “directions” from a few years ago and some awesome helpful prompts if you need something to help you blog!

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