Oh my gosh, I’ve started a blog!

Thanks to the New Blogger Initiative, my insane jealously of TMC12, becoming a better teacher from the ideas, thoughts and questions everyone I follow has posted and after many many many many years of lurking and commenting every now and again, I am officially a blogger! Strike that…an excited, motivated math teacher blogger, who has finally gotten over my “I don’t think I have anything to contribute, everyone has such great ideas, mine aren’t nearly as interesting or useful” fear…so I started this blog.

I figured since I was creating my blogs I follow list which was most likely in turn bringing a lot of you here, I had to post something other than the generic “Hello World!”. This isn’t the most thought out first post, but nonetheless it is a post!

I am slowly trying to figure out this wordpress thing…I know how to create websites (and have done so on the side before), but trying to figure out how to get what I want to show on the right column has already taken more time than I would have liked. And of course the only themes that I wanted to choose required an extra payment, not cool WordPress.

Oh and I figured why not jump in completely so I am also on Twitter @algebrainiac1. THAT is going to take me a lot longer to figure out, I am already lost and only one person has sent me a message Tweet.  Don’t look for much from me on there just yet, but it will be there sometime.

A little about me: My school year starts with Institute Days this Monday & Tuesday (yeah) and I will meet my shiny new 8th graders on Thursday.  This will be my 13th year of teaching and my 11th year teaching at this school and teaching 8th grade Algebra & Pre-Algebra and one section of US History.  I have used SBG for three years now and love it, but I have NO IDEA how it will look in Pre-Algebra this year due to the poor implementation/explanation of Common Core by my district. I don’t even know what I am supposed to be teaching, how can I build my Skill List with nothing to go off of? The other math teachers and I are quite frustrated with the “New Curriculum” we were given June 1, actually we only got the first two units…a list of the CCSS standards, how it applies to the book and a page of links to supposedly helpful websites to find and build tasks out of.  Example #1: Unit 2 is Pythagorean Theorem that lasts 4-5 weeks…in the past depending on the needs of my students we would cover it in 3-4 days. I am excited for the time and depth that CCSS will provide, but at the same time I am worried that I won’t find activities, labs, tasks, etc that are worthy of all that extra time.  My stress this year will be Pre-Algebra, they are not changing Algebra 1 yet as they haven’t decided what track of CCSS the high schools will be following. And US History is a shared subject that is planned together and not touched by CCSS which is great for sharing ideas and trying new things.  I am implementing Interactive Notebooks this year in Algebra and Pre-Algebra and will be spending tomorrow trying to figure out what I want each of the beginning pages to look like, obviously taking ideas from many of you.  Since I rarely used textbooks in the past and this year the kids don’t get a Math book to take home (only class sets), the INB will be perfect…I am excited to figure this out. I have already spent the last week putting together my group bins of supplies, setting my my classroom desks in groups of 4, and creating posters on my computer to print large size for my room.  I absolutely love the fresh start to a school year and hope that this blog and advice/suggestions/ideas from all of you will help keep that fresh start feeling throughout the year!

Thank you for coming to check out my blog and my first post. I will be responding to the first New Blogger Initiative shortly!

P.S. Due to District guidelines and fear being threatened to us teachers, I cannot post my name on my blog or on my Twitter account. All reference to who I am will be generic, I apologize in advance for that.

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