#Made4math: Thinking is Visible

20121001-135141.jpgWaaaayyy back in March when @pamjwilson (pamjwilson.wordpress.com), made a comment on Twitter about a sign she wanted that contained a quote from the book Making Thinking Visible, I jumped in and created it for her.  It was the perfect thing I needed to procrastinate a few things I needed to get done.  But it also enticed me to purchase the book and get reading! Though the reading part ended up a little delayed…I am just now finishing it.

I wanted to share the poster because now that I am reading the book, I understand Pam’s desire for the quote to be in her room.  It is important to communicate to students that thinking is important to learning..the process of discussing and working through a problem is just as important as knowing and understanding what the problem is asking.  This poster will be displayed in my room next year for sure!  Thanks Pam!  I recommend this book to everyone!!  I have found it especially applicable to my US History classes and can’t wait to weave in all of the ideas I gained!

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