Being Honest with Students

I am currently in our unit on Coordinate Geometry and feel like I’ve had some good activities and some not so good activities.  My students struggled a bit through identifying a missing coordinate when given variables and not numbers.  But because of their formative assessment I was able to identify the errors made and who still needed assistance.  This allowed me to back up, address general concerns to the group and then clarify specific misconceptions with those who needed it.  This is one of my favorite parts of teaching…trying something new and realizing  that maybe it didn’t work, but being honest with the students and provide another opportunity to understand and master the concept. Students need to know that learning is a journey and mistakes will continue to be made because that is the CORE of learning.  I feel that by showing them that I am still trying and failing, they will see that it is okay.  I found that my gifted students this year disliked sharing an answer or even a guess if they weren’t 100% sure they will be right.  I’ve been working hard to foster a growth mindset and allow them to be comfortable struggling, yet they aren’t quite where I want them to be.  We still have over a month to go…there’s still time!



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