Bookmarking all the things

It’s hard to know what to do with all the awesome activities, lessons, organizational ideas, classroom decor ideas and more that I find when I get lost in the internet rabbit hole of amazing things.  For a long time, I would just open an email and send myself links to the blog post or website that I wanted to check out when I had time.  What I found was that I rarely went back to find those things when I needed to.

So here I am with this haphazard way of trying to catalog things I want to come back to check…I have modified the system, but it still needs improvement…

  1. Facebook – if I see something I like, I save the post and I do actually go back and go through them in a timely manner.  Once I have done what I needed to with the post and information I saved, I archive the saved post and move on.
  2. Pinterest – it has gotten so spammy and and filled with TpT links, but I still scroll through it late at night when I should be sleeping.  I sometimes pin things to my boards, but if it’s really important or something I need to use in the coming weeks, I email the link to the pin to myself through the app. Typically because it is something I need to look at or download from a computer and not a phone.
  3. Blogs – I use feedly and I am SO behind on my blog reading, but if there is a blog I want to come back to I star it and will come back.  Or I will mark it as unread sometimes too.
  4. Twitter – I use the “like” feature on Twitter to save tweets I want to come back to or use another time.  It has been super helpful for me, except that I’ve been absent from blogging and twitter for a bit and they just sat there.  There are about 2,500 tweets I have liked.  🙂

I started tackling the tweets this summer…my goal is to get it as close to zero before the first day of school as I can.  Then I feel like I can keep up with the items I want to save as the year goes on.

Tonight, while I was clearing out my liked tweets, I came across this tweet I saved from Kelly (@LebbyDoo)…

So I followed my saved tweet to find the link to the awesome folder labels and it wasn’t there! 🙂 Ha…so I googled Kate’s Classroom Cafe and found the blog and up popped the labels and freebie to download.  Here is the link to the post with the freebie and directions on how to use it for your own filing cabinet:

I plan to use the labels to color code and organize my filing cabinet in my classroom and in my office to start the school year!

Seeing that saved post actually brought me back around to how I organize all the things that I come across and I made myself a goal to really work to use Google Keep instead of my current method which isn’t really working and isn’t efficient.  I HAVE been using Google Keep, but not to the extent I could be. I can’t wait to learn to use it much better than I have been! If you have tips, trick or hints for using Google Keep, toss me a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Bookmarking all the things

  1. Love me Google Keep!!!
    I will add pictures and websites to a note for something. And you can access from any device including a laptop.

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