ICTM Presentation 2013

I attended and presented at the Annual Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in Peoria, IL today.  My workshop was on Building and Maintaining Effective Cooperative Groups.  I got a test run this summer at TMC13, but this was a lot longer (90 minutes) and participants needed tickets to attend.  I found out a while back that it was sold out, which made me excited and nervous at the same time.  That means that there are teachers out there that really want to learn about Cooperative Groups and I wanted to make sure that I did it justice.

I had a SMALL room with tiny long tables; we were packed in there! I tried making it a little better for teachers to sit in groups of four, but it didn’t work quite the way I wanted.  However, I had a great group of teachers in my session and we made it work! Everything went pretty much as planned, but I ran out of time at the end to reflect with them more and have them share more ideas because it was going so well and we were sharing.  I need to cut something out somewhere when I present again in February (& maybe in WI in April).

Thank you to all who attended! A lot of great ideas were shared that I plan to implement in my classroom.

Anyways, here is my presentation! And a link to the follow up document I sent the attendees (I collected their email addresses as part of their name tags). https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwsvqau5r3lk2mb/ICTM%20Follow%20up%202013.pdf

8 thoughts on “ICTM Presentation 2013

  1. Jessica – loved the slides in your presentation! I’m thinking about putting in a proposal for a curriculum conference coming up soon … and your thoughts inspired me to keep at it!

    • Do it!! I always learn so much when I present, from laying out what I want to share, to making it engaging and worthwhile for teachers (sometimes the hardest audience), the feedback I receive and the suggestions and ideas that come from the participants. It makes me a better teacher to students to reflect on what I do in front of teachers. It isn’t always an easy step, but it is a worthwhile one! Good luck!

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    • Thanks! I agree that there are some problems that just don’t work well with groups, but when I first started they weren’t as easy to identify. Now I really look at a problem, what I want students to gain from it and if it will work in a group format.

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