Virtual Learning Class Notes

Over the first 6 days of fully remote/virtual teaching, I realized (as I was writing notes around the edges of my attendance roster or on random paper) I needed a place to take notes about what was going on during my Zoom meetings so I could follow-up with things once I had time.  Because I have so much tech going on to run the Zoom smoothly, creating a digital document wasn’t going to work. PLUS my to do list seems never ending, so creating something on paper that I can deal with and then toss would help me feel like I was actually accomplishing things. 🙂 

So I created a printable document to help me track things that happen in virtual class daily. I figure it can be used two different ways:

  1. Print it once & laminate it. Use post-it notes on it for each period and then work through your notes at the end of the day and/or rest of the week.
  2. Print it daily for each period or each day. 

I tried to come up with a variety of headings that teachers may want to use and added those around the outside. Use those to make the headings be exactly what you want before you print. If you have other heading suggestions, let me know and I can add them. You can change out the background if you want as well. 

Click the image above to make a copy of the file so you can edit it.

I am going to try it during my classes this week and see how it goes. Hopefully it will help AND provide me more room to take notes than on the edges of the attendance doc. 🙂 

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